About OAuth Apps

Learn how to build integrations with the TextMaster API.

Apps on TextMaster allow you to automate and improve your workflow. You can build integrations with the TextMaster API to let your clients order translation, copywriting or proofreading projects of their content.


OAuth2 is a protocol that lets external applications request authorization to private details in a user's TextMaster account without accessing their password. This is preferred over Signature Authentication because tokens can be limited to specific types of data and can be revoked by users at any time.

An OAuth App uses TextMaster as an identity provider to authenticate as the user who grants access to the app. When users grant an OAuth App access, they grant permissions to all projects they have access to in their account.

Building an OAuth App is a good option if you are creating more complex processes than a simple script can handle. Note that OAuth Apps are applications that need to be hosted somewhere.

Keep these ideas in mind when creating OAuth Apps:

  • An OAuth App should always act as the authenticated user across all of TextMaster

  • An OAuth App can be used as an identity provider by enabling a "Login with TextMaster" for the authenticated user.

  • An OAuth App should only request the permissions it requires to operate normally.

Tips: OAuth Apps should request only the permissions it is required to operate normally.

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