Getting Started

Learn how as an administrator of your SFCC instance you can integrate with TextMaster

Tips: The following guide assumes you have a TextMaster account with enough credits to launch projects. If it's not the case, you can create a new account here.

Project Templates

The project template serves as a blueprint for your translation projects, enabling you to predefine and save your preferred translation settings such as translation memory, glossaries, preferred authors, and expertise. Each of these options is critical in tailoring the translation process to meet your specific needs.

One key aspect of these templates is that they are language-pair specific. This means you need to create a separate template for each language pair you're working with. Although this might require some initial effort, it significantly streamlines your subsequent translation requests.

Once your templates are set up, sending an item for translation becomes a breeze. You won't need to manually select your options every time. Instead, the predefined settings in your template will automatically apply, saving you time and ensuring consistency across all your translations.

In essence, the project template is not just a tool for convenience; it's an essential component of an efficient and effective translation process within TextMaster.

You can manage your project templates under the API & Loop menu on your TextMaster account.

Click the New API Template button.


The plugin can be downloaded from the following link. Comprehensive installation documentation is included within the plugin package to guide you through the setup process.

Tips: Our cartridge is designed with forward-thinking technology, incorporating JS controllers and the new job framework. Based on SiteGenesis, it is also fully compatible with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA).

Important notes

  • Primary Site Activation: We strongly recommend activating the TextMaster plugin on your primary site - the one where the main source languages are enabled. This ensures optimal functionality and translation management

  • Account Usage: To maintain efficiency and streamlined operations, we highly recommend against using multiple TextMaster accounts with SFCC. Centralizing all translation requests in one TextMaster account is preferred. You can still separate invoicing by target language if necessary

  • Testing: Before transitioning the connector to a production environment, we strongly recommend conducting end-to-end testing. This includes:

    • Technical validation of the installation with our team

    • Functional validation of the connector with our team

For any questions or assistance, you can reach out to your dedicated TextMaster project manager directly or use this form and select the "API/Integration" topic. We are here to ensure a smooth integration process for your SFCC setup.

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