Learn how to use Loop to create projects by sending a simple email.

Deprecated: Loop is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use the REST API instead. The following documentation is for clients already using this feature.

Loop is a solution which allows clients to set up a project template and create projects from it by sending an email to the special project template address.


The process is based on a project template, registered by the user. It identifies accounts that could send an email, a setup required information for a project creation, like:

  • The source language of the email

  • The target language

  • The category

  • The minimum language level

In order to help users to quickly use this system, pre-setup settings are available, as well as some pre-formatted template. Each pre-formatted template has a unique ID that the user includes in the email address, in order to know what to include inside the created project. Basically, after creating a project template, an email address is generated for the client to send emails to.

Create a Loop project template

In the top-bar navigation, click on API & Loop

In the right panel, click Configure Loop

Click the New Loop button

Fill-in your project template information and click Save Loop at the bottom of the page.

You will be redirected to your Loop project templates. Notice the email address generated for you. This is the address to send the email to in order to create a new project from this template.

Email the Loop address

Use the email address generated when creating the Loop project template to send the email to. By default, the email body will be used as the content to work on. You can also send a file as an email attachment instead. Loop only supports one file as an attachment.

Warning: The sender's email address has to match the email address used to register on TextMaster. Projects will not be created otherwise, and a failure notification will be sent back.

Assuming the client account has enough funds, a project is created a few minutes after sending the email. A notification will be sent to the client otherwise.

Tips: Make sure to send the email as plain text to avoid any HTML boilerplate that could be added and counted as words by TextMaster.

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