Learn how to monitor your translation projects sent to TextMaster.

Monitoring the progress of your translation projects and their respective products sent to TextMaster is conveniently manageable directly from either an Akeneo view or the middleware's dashboard.

Create a view

To monitor translation status per product and to see if they've already been sent, you can create a view by following these steps:

  1. Press "Create View" on the product grid page

  2. Name this new view

  3. Modify the columns:

    • Add the Translation attributes

    • Find them

    • Drag them to the right columns

    • Then press "Apply"

  4. Click on the three dots button and save the view

Middleware's dashboard

To monitor the overall translation status and synchronization between TextMaster and your Akeneo instance, you can use your personal dashboard your project manager provided you during the configuration phase.

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