The TextMaster REST API is fully described in an OpenAPI 3.0 compliant document.


OpenAPI is a standard specification for describing REST APIs. OpenAPI descriptions allow both humans and machines to discover the capabilities of an API without needing to first read documentation or understand the implementation. TextMaster has made its REST API publicly available as an OpenAPI 3.0 compliant document.

Getting the OpenAPI description

You can find the description at

Using the OpenAPI description

There are many uses for an OpenAPI description. For example, you could:

  • Generate your own API client.

  • Validate and test a TextMaster REST API integration.

  • Explore and interact with the TextMaster REST API using third-party tools, such as Insomnia or Postman.

For example, TextMaster uses the OpenAPI description to generate the REST API reference documentation.

Tips: You can also explore our API through our interactive interface allowing you to send and inspect request without having to write any code!

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