Learn how to configure your Akeneo instance to send products for translation on TextMaster

Now that you've successfully established a connection between Akeneo, your TextMaster account, and the middleware connector, the next crucial step is configuring your Akeneo setup. This involves importing a new group of attributes that are essential for the translation process.

This attribute group plays a vital role in tailoring the translation to your specific needs. It allows you to control and define the parameters for the translation requests you send from your Akeneo instance to TextMaster. Configuring these settings ensures the translation process aligns perfectly with your product information management strategy.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the next section to import and configure these attributes effectively within your Akeneo platform.

Warning: In order to complete the following steps, make sure your TextMaster's project manager shared with you 3 CSV files we will be importing. If it's not the case, feel free to contact us.

Open the "Imports" page, search for CSV attribute_group and click on the result.

Click on the "Upload a file" button and drag & drop the first CSV file called group.

Follow the same steps for the other imports:

  • Demo CSV attribute import use the file called attribute

  • Demo CSV option import use the file called options

Wait for the imports to be completed before proceeding to the next steps.

Add Options to Translation Attributes

  1. Go to "Settings" → "Attributes" panel

  2. Search for "Translation"

  3. Click on the "Translation attributes" item

  4. Under the "Options" tab, press "Add option"

Tips: This is where you can add the Akeneo attributes that you wish to translate. They will be displayed in the drop-down list of the "Translation Attributes" field. All fields requiring translation for products or product models must be set as localizable.

  1. Input the "Option code" and press "Done"

  2. Update the label for option, then press "Done"

Tips: You can find the option code in the Attributes setting page (Settings → Attributes → Search the attributes → Click to attribute).

Add Translation Group to All Families

  1. Go to "Settings" → "Families" panel

  2. Select all the product families and choose "Bulk Actions"

  3. Choose "Set Attributes Requirements" and click "Next"

  4. Click the "Add by Groups" button, find the "Translation" group, and press "Add"

Tips: You just need to add the group of attributes. If you check the boxes, it simply indicates that you want these attributes to be required for product content completion, which may not be relevant in this context.

Click "Next" and "Confirm".

Tips: When you add a new Family, you must add the Translation Group to this new family. Also, when you add a new locale, you should update the label for the Attribute and Attribute option.

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