Learn how our Akeneo integration works

TextMaster, is designed to seamlessly integrate with Akeneo's Product Information Management (PIM) system, acting as an efficient bridge between the two platforms. Utilizing a specially designed middleware connector, TextMaster harnesses the power of its APIs to streamline the translation process of your product information.

With TextMaster, you can effortlessly send product translation requests directly from your Akeneo instance. The connector ensures the requests are properly transmitted, retrieves the source content, and initiates a new translation project within TextMaster.

Once the translation is completed, the connector diligently monitors for finished projects. It promptly identifies these newly translated materials and ensures they are automatically imported back into your Akeneo instance. This ensures a consistent and efficient content flow, eliminating the need for manual data transfers.

In essence, TextMaster not only enhances your product translation workflow but also enriches your product and product model data directly within the Akeneo platform. This integration bridges the gap between content management and translation, creating a cohesive and streamlined product information management process.

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