Learn how to send products for translation to TextMaster from your Akeneo instance.

Send products for translation

  1. Navigate to the Product Grid

  2. Select the desired products

  3. Click on the "Bulk Actions" button

On the "Product Bulk Action" page, choose "Edit Attributes Values".

  1. Click on "Select Attributes"

  2. Find the "Translation" group attributes

  3. Select only:

    • "Translation Project"

    • "Translation Template"

    • "Translation Attributes"

  4. Click on "Add"

  1. Input the information:

    • "Translation Project": Enter a unique project name

    • "Translation Template": Select one or multiple API templates

    • "Translation Attributes": Select the Akeneo attributes to be translated

  2. Click "Next" and confirm

The attributes have now been edited, and the project will be sent to TextMaster. Akeneo will send an event with your product(s) information to the middleware to be processed. You can verify that everything is in order by first checking that the event was sent then visit your TextMaster account or the middleware dashboard.

Tips: If you don't see any events in the Event logs, please head to the Troubleshooting section to help you fix the problem.

Points to consider

  • The "Project Name" must be unique for the same locales

  • Multiple project templates can be selected

  • Project templates are used to define source and target languages

  • You can send both products and product models

  • Ensure that the products you send have translatable content

  • If a selected product is already being translated in the same selected locale, it won't be included in the project

  • None of the three fields must be empty

  • The attributes "Translation Status" and "TextMaster Updated At" are localized, meaning their value will be updated on the destination locale

  • These two attributes inform the status of the project on TextMaster

  • You can create a view on the product grid page to monitor the translation attribute group

Tips: It’s not recommended to send products to TextMaster one by one. This creates multiple projects with only one document, which can overload the platform and is not ideal for authors.

By following these steps, you're on your way to creating multilingual product descriptions that cater to your diverse audience. Happy translating!

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