Learn how to resolve the most common problems people encounter with the Akeneo integration.

If you're encountering some oddities during the integration, here's a list of resolutions to some of the problems you may be experiencing. If you have any problems or requests, please contact TextMaster support.

Debug events

Warning: The following features are only available since the 6.0 version and for SaaS customers.

Events are sent from your Akeneo instance to the middleware every time you create or update a product. The event's payload includes your product(s) metadata. In the context of the TextMaster integration, we use these events to detect when you selected product(s) you wish you send to translation.

The logs of these events can be found under the "Connect" → "Event logs" page.

No events in the Event logs

If there are no events sent after you've sent product(s) for translation, your Akeneo instance is most likely not configured properly. Make sure you have configured the consumer worker correctly for the Events API to work. More information about this is available here:

Log types

Tips: Please note that Akeneo store errors and warnings for the past 72 hours, and only the latest 100 notices and info logs.

You may see the following messages in your event logs:

  • ERROR The endpoint returned an error. In that case, the middleware received the event request, but something went wrong, and it answered with an error

  • ERROR The endpoint failed to answer under 500 ms. This error means that the middleware did not respond quickly enough

  • WARNING The maximum number of requests per hour has been reached. If you have this warning log, you might be interested in increasing your limit and scalability restrictions

  • NOTICE The event was not sent because the product does not exist or the connection does not have the required permissions. When the PIM doesn't send an event because of a lack of permission, it can be normal. For instance, if you previously set up the connection permission to not receive events on products that are irrelevant for this particular app. If you think you should have received this event, please take a look at the permission configuration section

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